Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas visit in Walla Walla!!!!

Today my family and I got back from Walla Walla where I showed my sister around the city.  (The key points being my school and where I worked harvest at Tertulia Cellars.)  Then we went wine tasting and I was able to check off 3 more wineries from the list. (Long Shadows Vintners, Fort Walla Walla Cellars, and Cavu.)
   Long Shadows was my favorite of the three wineries.  All of their wines were outstanding and I loved the concept they had for the their winery.  This concept was to find the best winemakers and a varietal they are good at, and then have them make a wine from that varietal.   Each wine make then has a winery name for that varietal or blend of wine and then collaborates with the owners about the wine he or she has made. The name Long Shadows refers to the idea that they cast a "long shadow" across the wine industry in walla walla, and even the globe as they only have one American winemaker and the others coming from germany and france.  If you ever come to Walla Walla this is a must try place!
 Hoping you all are having a very happy holiday season!


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