Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello from the crazy world of wine!

So I know it has been a while (almost a month), so I thought that I would give you an update on what is happening in good ol' Walla Walla.  First off it is really pretty here in fall lovely golden leaves especially in the vineyards.  This weekend my parents came to visit me and we went to some wineries. They came by on saturday to see me cause I was pouring wine at a'Maurice winery.  Which was a lot of fun I spent the whole day talking about and pouring wine.
   In school we are working hard getting our projects together to get ready to present in about a week and a half or so and our wines for the school are coming along very nicely.  I have spent a lot of time there working with the instructor helping with whatever he needs help with.  I am doing well in school and found out that winemakers are in our own special class of insane.  Which made me laugh and say "yep I can totally see that."
As for work, harvest is sadly over I had a lot of fun working for Quentin and can't wait until he begins to blend the wines at Tertulia Cellars.
  I have now started my quest to taste at every winery in the Walla Walla valley.  And I will keep you all updated with a tally and which wines I have added to ones I have tasted.  So far I have tasted 26 of the 76 wineries on the Walla Walla Wine Alliance map.  If anyone wants one of these maps let me know and I can bring one home for you to have.
  I came down with a little cold earlier on friday and this weekend I am resting up some to try and get better so i can be in full health for school and what ever work may come my way.
I wish you all the best and I hope you all are doing well.

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